The Dutch Auditing and Lunch Tradition Explained (JOINSON&SPICE)

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May 6, 2022 - JOINSON&SPICE

This is a thought leadership article from PrimeGlobal member firm JOINSON&SPICE in the Netherlands about what it is like to work in the Dutch audit sector.

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Whether you're interested in the "Pincoffs affair" of 1879 (and the subsequent rise of the audit profession in the Netherlands), how many millions of kilometers Dutch people bike per year, or the experiences of international accounting practitioners who have relocated to the country, "The Dutch Auditing and Lunch Tradition Explained" is your definitive guide to the audit sector in the Netherlands.

The guide below covers everything from the history of the Dutch audit sector and the lived experiences of individuals who have relocated to the Netherlands to work, through to the culture, weather and food associated with Dutch life.

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JOINSON&SPICE is a young accountancy firm, specialising in Technology, Media and Telecom. Our team varies from young post-graduates to experienced chartered accountants (in Dutch: RA) and accounting consultants (AA). The thing that brings us together: a passion for technology companies. With years of knowledge and experience stemming from a genuine interest in our specialities, we enjoy connecting with our customers and aiding in the growth of their companies. We believe in an equal partnership where sharing knowledge is paramount. Within the sub-sector of Technology we help data centres, hosting providers, software providers, system integrators, cloud providers and online retailers with important decisions.

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