Guide to Filing Individual Income Tax Return in Brazil (MSSANTINI)

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May 23, 2022 - MSSantini Equity Management

This is a thought leadership article on filing an individual tax return in Brazil from PrimeGlobal member firm MSSANTINI in Brazil. 

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PrimeGlobal member MSSANTINI  has published a user-friendly guide on filing a tax return to the Receita Federal do Brasil (Federal Revenue of Brazil). The guide, titled “Quick guide to Imposto de Renda 2022”, is designed to assist individuals in determining whether or not they are required to submit a 2022 Individual Income Tax Return.

The 14-page document covers seven key areas, namely:

  • Who must file an income tax return?
  • Mandatory situations where an individual must file an income tax return
  • Value limits that make it mandatory to file an income tax return
  • Who does not need to submit a tax return?
  • Who can be a taxpayer's dependant?
  • Who can file jointly?
  • Who may be considered a resident in Brazil?

You can read the guide below.

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MSSantini Equity Management

With slightly over 20 years of presence and experience in the market, MSSANTINI operates in the segments of accounting, tax and corporate structuring matters, by conducting outsourcing, diligences and audits as well as by exercising the role of a facilitating agent to the foreign investor’s comprehension of the business environment in Brazil, which we call ‘Start up Solution’. In addition, we are highly specialized in assisting family groups and companies – including on succession planning – while we continuously look for strategic solutions for the projects of a most varied category of clients.

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