Outsourcing readiness for firms (SPC NXT)

May 25, 2022 - SPC NXT

Accounting firms can be nervous about looking at outsourcing solutions to help with capacity challenges, particularly outsourcing offshore. However, outsourcing can be a major part of the solution to help overcome capacity challenges and deliver a firm’s strategy. 

Across May and June, member firm SPC NXT will be running a webinar series addressing this topic. The series will include four interactive sessions curated for North American, Australian, and UK CPA and Advisory Firms with an expert panel from India’s largest Global Outsourcing Companies; along with SPC NXT hosts – Karan Gupta and Harpreet Singh Popli taking attendees through the India Offshore Journey, case studies and responding to live questions on concerns and FAQs around Offshore Service Delivery Model. Full details of each session below.

Session 1: Genesis of offshoring to India and decoding the big 4 model

May 27 2022, 12 PM EST

This session will discuss the inception and the future of the offshore service delivery model.

  • The post-pandemic impact on the global economy
  • Why companies around the world are opting for outsourcing
  • Evolution of Offshoring in India
  • What makes India a preferred outsourcing destination
  • Decoding the Big 4 Model


Session 2: Offshore data analytics and blockchain

June 3 2022, 12 PM EST

Data can be overwhelming, especially with old-school analysis tools like excel, Idea, and human intuition. Understand how data analytics as a service offering can change a CPA firm’s service offerings to clients in Accounting, Audit, Forensics, and other domains, what it means to use the latest data analytics tools, and how to deploy them. Take a deep dive into the world of data-driven decision-making in accounting and how we can leverage these upcoming technologies.


Session 3: Understanding the stage of audit maturity for outsourcing

June 10 2022, 12 PM EST

A deep look into the level of maturity in the audit process lifecycle a CPA firm needs to have to be able to successfully outsource. SPC NXT will provide a walkthrough of the 5 levels of the Audit Process Maturity Model and a case study of SPCs transformation throughout the different levels to be able to create a Global Shared Services Centre.


Session 4: Setting up your offshore service centre

June 17 2022, 12 PM EST

This session will discuss the roadmap including the key challenges and solutions to set up an offshoring service delivery model in India.


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