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April 7, 2022 - RRBB Accountants & Advisors

PrimeGlobal member firm RRBB Accountants and Advisors is pleased to announce they have been recognized as one of the 'Top Ten Valuation Services Companies 2022' by CFO Tech Outlook.

The “Top 10 Valuation Services Companies” listing recognizes frontrunners in the market and firms that can be an answer to several challenges that the ecosystem faces today.

“We are glad to announce RRBB Accountants and Advisors as one of the ‘Top 10 Valuation Services Companies 2022.’ RRBB Accountants and Advisors, which assists its clients in conducting the valuation for various scenarios–mergers and acquisitions, gift and estate planning, divorce, and employee stock ownership, has the capability to revolutionize the present and future of business valuation,” said Sarah Dawson, Managing Editor of CFO Tech Outlook.

We are much more than a valuation services company. That’s what puts us at the top Dave Roth, Managing Partner and CEO, RRBB

The “Top 10 Valuation Services Companies” listing aims to provide its readership with a list of frontrunners in the market to help them choose the company that best fits their needs. The companies receiving this honorable recognition exhibit whom the evaluation panel feels their readers would take comfort in doing business with. Those included are unique players who can be an answer to several challenges that the ecosystem faces today.

To view the digital issue, visit cfotechoutlook.com.

In further company news, it was recently announced that Brian Zucker, CPA, Partner at RRBB has been appointed to the Private Equity and Venture Capital Committee for New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

As Chair of the RRBB FinOp and CFO Department, Brian acts as the Financial Operations Principal and CFO for several broker-dealers and hedge funds. He has over thirty-seven years of experience as a CPA specializing in the securities industry.

“I look forward to working with my peers to help guide others regarding private equity and venture capital funding. To be a part of examining regulations and ensuring compliance throughout the New York accounting world is a true honor,” said Brian.

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