The Utilities of Hope - Ukraine Relief (Fiteco)

PrimeGlobal Supports Ukraine
April 25, 2022 - FITECO

PrimeGlobal Member Firm, Fiteco, supported by the Logistics and Transportation Firm, Gruau Group, officially launched The Utilities of Hope humanitarian operation, on March 14th, taking aid to Ukraine. 

In an astonishing act of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, over 700 employees, across 14 sites in France, Italy, and Poland came together, with the objective being to offer a relief response to those displaced and facing refugee status as a result of the ongoing conflict. 

During a 9-day period, the volunteers set up collection teams throughout the regions to gather donations of food, clothing, and financial contributions, using the power of social media to communicate and create publicity for The Utilities of Hope.

This mass mobilization of volunteers could not have succeeded if it hadn’t been for the generous donations from local communities, supporting organizations, schools, individuals, and all the donors along the way.  

Spurred on by the kindness and generosity, the volunteers loaded a total of 21 commercial vehicles, as well as 3 large trailers supplied by the Gruau Group to deliver the much-needed aid to Ukraine.

Over 40 drivers were required to transport more than 60 tons of products across a total of 5,260 Kms, crossing France, Germany, and Poland, before reaching the Ukraine border.

In addition, a total of €38,000 in financial donations was also raised by the relief efforts, and the volunteers were quick to express their heartfelt gratitude to all who donated. 

In one comment, a volunteer explained how the exercise was both physically and psychologically demanding, but having made the extensive journey, they returned with their ‘empty vehicles and full hearts’, forging unique bonds along the way.

Their main destination for the Aid was Odessa, (South of the capital Kyiv), and as far East as possible, where people remain in Ukraine, in simply unthinkable conditions.

The drivers and volunteers made many friends along the way, including with the Congregation of the sisters of Nazareth and two priests, who were to deliver directly to those in need. 

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