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With 70 locations in France, in Paris and western areas, 1,400 employees and 112 million euros in total fee income in 2018, FITECO is positioned in the French Top 10 of accounting, consulting and audit firms. Since its inception in 1967, the firm has grown steadily. This development can be explained by the application of a sustainable strategy based on quality, innovation, continuous development of service provisions and a close personal relationship to customers.

To meet the changing expectations of business leaders in terms of support and advice, FITECO has gradually expanded its traditional accounting services and payroll management services by creating new opportunities. These client service groups feature experts in various sectors working alongside local professionals to respond to all challenges that may confront a client throughout their career and business development. Ensuring quality and innovation is essential for FITECO which annually provides more than 27,000 hours of internal training to help clients obtain the best level of expertise and technology.

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R Jean Marie Vandergucht

A Message from Chairman, Jean-Marie Vandergucht

The extensive confidence of more than 37,000 clients in all kinds of industries is a motivation for the 1,400 employees who work at FITECO daily to guarantee our clients the highest level of service.

With more than 50 years of experience, the constant development of quality service and the know-how of our teams are key factors to FITECO’s success. Of all the services offered to business owners and managers, FITECO has developed centers of excellence in areas that use specific skills: the voluntary sector, the equine industry and racehorses, the merger and acquisition of businesses, taxation of VAT, organization and wealth management and outsourced accounting.

FITECO also offers a gateway to new horizons for each of its clients. FITECO’s relationships with other independent member firms around the globe through its PrimeGlobal membership allow its clients to find the best options to develop their business abroad.

In French regions or elsewhere in the world, FITECO is by your side!

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Rue Albert Einstein, Laval 53000

+33 2 43 59 12 07

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Primary Location

Rue Albert Einstein, Laval 53000, France

Jean-Marie Vandergucht, Managing Partner
+33 2 43 59 12 07

Nantes, France

3 bis rue de l'Hippodrome, Nantes 44300, France

Rouen, France

31 rue Raymond Aron, Rouen 76824, France

Caen, France

Parc Ath, B.P. 90403 Saint Contest, Caen 14654, France

Paris, France

128 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 75006, France

Le Mans, France

97 Avenue Bollée, Le Mans 72100, France

Tours, France

2 Allée Colette Duval, Tours 37100, France

Brest, France

11 Rue J-B Boussingault, Brest 29200, France

People at FITECO

Jean-Marie Vandergucht Photo

Jean-Marie Vandergucht

Managing Partner, Chairman

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Philippe Bourbon

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Bethany Griffiths

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Dominique Hubert


Jean Michel Lefevre Photo

Jean Michel Lefevre

Partner, Member of the Executive Committee

Yannick Ollivier Photo

Yannick Ollivier

Partner, Member of the Executive Committee