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Alberto De Giorgi from Italian PrimeGlobal member firm STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI was delighted to recently lead an event on electronic invoices in partnership with France Défi, deepening PrimeGlobal's connections, impact and benefits in France. A second event will take place with Alberto and PrimeGlobal member firm, Yzico, in December 2021.

The digitalization of accounting services is a hot topic in the modern accounting industry, and an increasing number of European countries are looking towards becoming digitized. As of January 1 2019, Italy introduced mandatory electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) for private businesses, making Alberto a knowledge leader in this area. 

Over 150 firms in the France Défi group took part in the event and more than 300 attendees gathered to discuss the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing in Italy and the consequences on Italian accounting firms. Presentations were delivered by JM Vandergucht, Chairman of PrimeGlobal member firm FITECO, and Dominique Perier, Partner at member firm AFIGEC, and the excellent introduction was given by Benoit Perin, President of member firm AXENSThe event ended with a round-table Q&A session, allowing a cross-border exchange of expertise on this subject. 

The event allowed attendees to take a sneak peek into the future of e-accounting, and how firms can prepare themselves and support their clients in adhering to the e-invoicing scheme. The event also delivered a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the Italian PrimeGlobal presence and peers in France by providing a forum for open discussion and collaboration.

Thanks to the great success of the event, Alberto will be leading another event on this topic with PrimeGlobal member firm PG Yzico in early December 2021.

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STUDIO DE GIORGI e ASSOCIATI is a professional firm of accountants and auditors focused on national and international tax and company law, on company administration matters, and on individuals’ tax planning. We normally do business in English, currently spoken by most of our staff, as well as in other foreign languages. We assist our clients with financial, administrative and fiscal support, dealing with yearly tax returns, financial reporting, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, company management and cost controlling, in general.

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Experts at your service.With 70 locations in France, in Paris and western areas, 1,400 employees and 112 million euros in total fee income in 2018, FITECO is positioned in the French Top 10 of accounting, consulting and audit firms. Since its inception in 1967, the firm has grown steadily. This development can be explained by the application of a sustainable strategy based on quality, innovation, continuous development of service provisions and a close personal relationship to customers.

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AFIGEC is one of the best providers of local services. Founded in 1981, today the firm has grown to 7 offices throughout France, and more than 2500 clients. Our 16 partners and 130 professionals, many of whom have had Big 4 firm experience, are always available when our clients need us. Our international team is located in Paris, and we can provide services throughout France. We are an independent firm, and we work with independent professionals. Our experienced team is dedicated to international clients and follows regular training in order to best adapt to any given situation.

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Axens was established in 1975, in Andrezieux, France. Its first partner, Camille Beal, had one employee. Today, our group is composed of 7 chartered accountants and 100 employees, located in 4 offices in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. Our main office is located in St Etienne (Loire 42); and we have branch offices in Andrézieux (Loire 42), Lyon (Rhône 69), and Sainte Sigolène (Haute Loire 43). These 4 offices allow Axens to be close to our clients throughout the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

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YZICO is an accounting and audit firm spread over 25 branches across the north-eastern quarter of France (Grand Est) and Paris. With more than 60 years of experience and with 520 employees and 31 associates, the firm aims to support over 11,000 clients far beyond traditional accounting. YZICO brings expertise to further clients' development in business creation, coaching, development, funding, business strategy, management, human resources, wealth management, digital solutions, retirement, life insurance. The firm's goal is to help entrepreneurs reach their objectives by sharing experience of business management and strategy. In short, the objective is no longer to analyze the past but to use it to build the clients' future.

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